If you think you, a friend or a family member needs some help with their hearing loss, HEARnet Online recommends seeing an audiologist or an audiometrist to find out and get some help.

You do not need a GP referral to see an audiologist, which means you can directly make a booking at a local hearing clinic to have your hearing tested.

By knowing the results of your hearing test, an audiologist can determine the type of hearing loss present and the severity, i.e. if it is mild, moderate, severe or profound.

With this information, an audiologist can help you decide the best ways to manage your hearing loss, which may include the use of suitable hearing technologies.

To help you understand the personal journey of managing hearing loss HEARnet Online has created the ‘My Hearing Healthcare Journey’ brochure shown which outlines the four-step process of managing hearing loss. A PDF of this brochure can be downloaded here.


More Information

HEARnet Online also has some useful pages to help you with your hearing loss journey, including some of the important steps you need to take.