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HEARnet Online can help you find a hearing clinic near you.

An important part of managing your hearing loss is to visit a hearing clinic to see a hearing health professional, such as an audiologist or audiometricist, who can test your hearing and then determine what kind of hearing loss you have and the extent of it.

By understanding your hearing loss, hearing health professionals can then assist and advise you on what management options are available to manage your hearing loss including the use of hearing technologies, such as the use of hearing technologies such as Hearing Aids and Cochlear Implants.

To help you find a hearing clinic that is close by to have a hearing test, HEARnet Online has a listed some online resources below to help you with your search.

Australian Hearing’s Centre Locator

Find an Australian Hearing Centre near you by typing in your four-digit postcode into the box below and then click the ‘Submit Query’ button to see the nearest Australian Hearing Centres in your suburb or region.

Search by Postcode


Cochlear Ltd’s ‘Find Your Nearest Clinic’ Map


Sivantos’ Hearing Store Finder

Please note these online tools only provide information about clinics that have audiologists and audiometricists located in your area.