living with hearing loss

There are many community and support networks in Australia to help people living with hearing loss.

People living with hearing loss can have a comfortable, rewarding and enjoyable life through the use of modern technology, lip reading, sign language and other trainable skills, which can assist them in communicating and interacting with others at work, school and home.

A range of technologies used to manage hearing loss continues to evolve at a rapid pace and are now more concealable and compatible with people’s lifestyle choices.

Living With Hearing Loss Through Technology

Hearing technologies such as Hearables, Hearing Aids and Cochlear Implants are now much smaller, discrete and more compatible with other common technologies such as smartphones and computers. There are also many waterproof models, which can be worn in a wider range of environments.

HEARnet Online’s Guide Hearing Technologies provides a good overview of the range of technologies available to help manage and compensate for hearing loss.

Hearing Loss Communities & Support Networks

If you are living with hearing loss, you are definitely not alone. According to the 2005 Listen Hear! Report, one in every six Australians has some kind of hearing loss. This is expected to increase to one in every four Australians by 2050.

There are many organisations throughout Australia that help people, young and old, living with hearing loss. These organisations can also provide access to social networks that can connect you with other people who have a hearing loss.

The websites for these organisations contain useful information on how to access services and subsidies that are available to people with hearing loss.

A list of Australian community groups and organisations that represent and service people with hearing loss is provided below: